OGS Minder

OGS Minder monitors the Online Go Server for games in which it is your turn. The status icon menu provides direct links to these games, as well as direct links to the SGF files. OGS Minder can be downloaded here.

This application was inspired by OGS Notifier. The OGS Notifier source was a great help in developing OGS Minder.


OGS Minder can be started from the command prompt. By default, the ogsminder executable can be found under /usr/local/bin for an install from source, or under /usr/bin for the debian package.

someone@linuxbox:$ ogsminder &

When OGS Minder starts, a status icon is loaded into the system tray, and the options window is displayed. Future versions will hide the options window on startup.

Left-clicking on the system tray icon will show/hide the options window, and right-clicking will bring up a menu.

Set your options, then click on "Save Options" to save and minimize the options window.


Current Issues

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